Case Studies

Wadhawan Global Capital

Industry: BFSI | Holding Company

Platform: Corporate Website

Work: Content + Design + Development

Holding company website for a financial services conglomerate



“We work closely with Rite Knowledge Labs for our group communication and thought leadership needs. Starting with our new website to various stakeholder communication needs, we partner them across content, design and digital asset development.

The team’s swift turnaround time, superior understanding of the financial services landscape and a knowledge-led work approach fits in well with our need for a strategic communication partner. Today the Rite Team works across many of our operational companies that need strategic thought leadership based digital assets as well.”

The Challenge

From a monoline housing finance company, WGC has evolved into a diversified financial services group. The communication strategy of the organization had to evolve keeping with the growth momentum. Further, the value proposition of the group’s focus on financial inclusion and its contributions towards important socio-economic causes had to be brought to the fore on a continual basis to establish and reinforce the organization as an industry thought leader. Another important objective of the communication strategy was to establish evolved identity as a global entity with Indian roots.

The Solution

The communication strategy formulated by Rite Knowledge Labs was designed to cater to its unique proposition of empowering the marginalized through financial inclusion. The web footprint of WGC and its group companies had to highlight their efforts in this direction and their contributions as an industry leader.

The Approach

While there was a lot of information available on the group’s businesses, the ethos, vision and purpose of the holding company had never been communicated in a consolidated manner. The Rite Team worked with the management team closely to articulate the holding company vision and strategy in the content and UI.

Being a holding company website, the overarching context, messaging and aesthetics of the website was designed to match the needs of the diverse stakeholder audiences – from customers who typically belonged to LMI segments to investors and partners who represented global entities such as the World Bank.

Further, its top leaders were positioned as global thought leaders and make an impact in the shaping the domestic socio-economic policies and landscape.

The Results

Transformation of the organization’s online reputation from an affordable housing finance company to a financial conglomerate focused on inclusive finance

A knowledge-led approach which has helped reinforce the group ethos of enabling profits with purpose

Our Work

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Case Studies

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