Case Studies

Aadhar Housing Finance Limited

Industry: BFSI | Housing Loans

Platform: Corporate Website

Work: Content + Design

Partnering a Journey of Reinvention & Repositioning



“The website was recently revamped and Rite KnowledgeLabs was our content, creative & UI partner. The newly launched website has garnered praise and traffic volumes in a short time. The team’s ability to minutely understand the target audience and customer journey helped them develop a sales-oriented and call-to-action focused digital asset.

Balancing customer and product focus with corporate and employee communication needs in a strategic manner was a key success parameter for the website project. Today, we closely work with them for all our marketing and communication needs across content, creative and digital requirements.”

The Challenge

Aadhar Housing underwent a brand identity revamp following its merger with DHFL Vysya Housing Limited. The client wanted to reposition the merged entity as an affordable housing finance leader and strengthen its reputation. The new website had to imbibe the essence of the new brand identity and reflect the magnitude and pan-India presence of the merged entity. Further, the website had to assuage the apprehensions of various stakeholders post the merger. As a sales-focused website, it also had to attract new customers whilst reinforcing its positioning as the preferred affordable housing finance partner.

The Solution

Rite KnowledgeLabs suggested a content strategy based on pillars that defined AHFL i.e. trust, leadership, reach and credibility. A key priority was to understand how the website could offer value to its customer audience. By gaining an insight into the mindset of the low-middle income customer segment, we created a website with tailored visual and content messaging and call-to-action elements. The merger-related content messaging was aimed at providing assurance to the entire spectrum of stakeholders by creating a go-to platform for any merger-related queries.

The Approach

Keeping in mind the multiple objectives of the revamped website, Rite Knowledge Labs suggested a multi-dimensional path forward. Firstly, we factored in the demands of the target audience as well as their aspirations.

Secondly, the website addressed the impact of the merger through a separate section which contained all relevant details as well as FAQs. The content was aimed at addressing any apprehensions of investors, customers and other external stakeholders with their fundamental queries clarified by the company in writing.

Thirdly, the website look and feel utilized imagery that the customer segment can relate to – real and authentic pictures of customers.

The Results

The newly launched website received appreciation from all quarters of the stakeholder spectrum. The most important highlights of this project were:

Accurate and honest portrayal of the impact of the merger and its effect on bettering the organization’s operations as well as the external stakeholder universe.

The content and design were a fine balance between the organization’s products and people. The idea was to ensure that the target audience gains confidence in the company’s abilities to meet their need through an innovative product range as well as in its competencies to deliver on its promises.

Positioning the organization as a go-to platform for any queries related to the national socio-economic policies and its impact on the customers.

Use of do-it-yourself tools and call-to-action buttons which gave visitors an essential ‘take away’ from the website.

Our Work

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Case Studies

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